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People I've Known

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Titles & Samples

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  1. Life Road Blues
  2. Taillights
  3. Adam Everyday
  4. Dancer's Grace
  5. Dark Secrets
  6. Lime Green Sweater
  7. Leavin' the North
  8. Red Dirt
  9. What I Need To Know
  10. Matisse's Violin
  11. Perfect Stranger
  12. Arms Around Me Still

Musicians & Producer

The CD, "Places I've Been, People I've Known" was produced by Harvey Gerst, and recorded in his Indian Trail Studio outside of Dallas, mixed by Harvey and Alex Gerst , and then mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering in Boulder.

Charisse plays acoustic guitar on most tracks, but is also accompanied by fingerstyle wizard Rick Ruskin, Nashville sidemen and bluegrass staples Missy Raines, Jim Hurst, and Barbara Lamb. Keyboards are covered by Mike Baugh. Woodwinds, mouthharp, and brass are provided by Jeff Barnes of Brave Combo, Gary Muller on the Chapman Bass, Alex Gerst on drums, Carol Harlos on cello, and Reggie Rueffer on violin.

Categorization is a mystery! It's rootsy Americana, it's blue, it's jazz, it's a little country, it's a little folk. It's everything I've absorbed...

Fountain Street

Fountain Street

Titles & Samples

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  1. be the one
  2. RealPlayer Windows MediaPlayer all about the rush
  3. surrender
  4. only ash remains
  5. what makes a heart
  6. all she ever wanted
  7. moving away
  8. newbury's gift
  9. windowsills
  10. RealPlayer Windows MediaPlayer he's gone to tucson
  11. good as new
  12. RealPlayer Windows MediaPlayer storm season
  13. RealPlayer Windows MediaPlayer life road blues
  14. RealPlayer Windows MediaPlayer jesus loves you
  15. drive to you


This second CD, Fountain Street, was originally recorded as a vehicle to copyright new material. People heard it and liked the stripped down versions of the songs, so we made a few to sell at gigs. One song is a remake from the first CD - "Life Road Blues". This time we recorded it the way it was written as a Delta blues-gospel tune. My husband Steve really likes the guitar on this one, and copped it! That's him playing on this take. Wichita friend Larry McDoniel did most of the recording, and played 2nd guitar on "Tucson", and "All She Ever Wanted".


David Hakan, founder, Songwriters Circle of Kansas City said of this CD:
Charisse Lowe's new CD, Fountain Street, is the coffeehouse set where you say, "Wow! Now THIS woman can write and SING." You'll find love songs, story songs and some gospel in the mix. The vocal and guitar arrangements on this self-produced CD are clean and satisfying. Fountain Street feels like home."

New and Overdue


  1. Blue Factory Hill
  2. Useful Is
  3. Day Lily
  4. Baby, I Just Deliver
  5. This Ring
  6. Moon Over Luzerne
  7. Closer To The Bone
  8. Cry For Love
  9. Cry, Baby, Cry
  10. Across The Border
  11. Balloon Song


"New and Overdue" includes material written during my 2½ years in Tucson and newer material written after returning to Kansas. It is a stark album with little instrumental accompaniment, 6 and 12 string guitar, and my recently acquired 1928 Gibson mandolin. Steve Kahler added lead parts to 'This Ring', and a beautiful Spanish-style guitar to 'Across The Border'. (Across the Border was a Winfield Song Showcase winner last year!) Recorded by yours truly on a 4-track Tascam deck.

Notes on the songs:

  1. Blue Factory Hill ( The Ballad of Jimmy Burdine) - Written from the perspective of the son of textile mill workers in New York State's Hudson Valley during the '50s when most of the mills moved south due to cheaper non-union workers. Many of the small towns in upstate NY never recovered.
  2. Useful Is - A song about growing older - and stronger - through life's wear and tear, metaphorically related in the lifespan of an old shirt.
  3. Day Lily - An upbeat tune about taking a chance.
  4. Baby, I Just Deliver (I Don't Make The News) A tongue in cheek blues tune written from the perspective of your newspaper delivery person....
  5. This Ring - Steve asked what kind of engagement ring I would like, and I said an old 'basket-style' ring - the type you see on the east coast that have been handed down through the family, and made in Europe. We found that ring, and I have been intrigued with where it might have been, and for whom it was originally designed. Hence the song. Some really lovely second guitar work here by Steve.
  6. Moon Over Luzerne - A ballad recalling a memory from a long time ago with the message that appearances may be deceiving.
  7. Closer To The Bone - My sister believes I have been channeling Warren Zevon, or now that I think about it, Randy Newman in its biting description of a very disarming person. (Been listening to Randy of late).
  8. Cry For Love - A relationship song with hope based on faith.
  9. Cry, Baby, Cry - We all know at least one person that courts disaster, and then wonders why their life is a mess... Don't let them suck the emotional lifeblood out of you!
  10. Across The Border - Our years in Tucson gave me a close look at the immigration issue. This song is an observation not a political statement. Uh, well, not entirely. You can't help but feel something for people who so want to live in the United States that they are willing to die to get here. It was an everyday occurrence in Tucson to hear about people that died trying to come across. A beautiful, beautiful lead guitar by my husband Steve that truly makes this song come alive.
  11. Balloon Song - I was feeling sorry for myself one day after a very big disappointment, but began to think about what a great life I have, how fortunate I have been, and how incredibly blessed I am. The song soon followed.

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